Passionate about our Resellers!

Server Admins provide robust reseller web hosting solutions to Companies, individuals and ISP Resellers who require high availability and high demand Web Hosting Solutions at affordable rates.

Our whitelabel reseller platform, ZADNS is the fastest growing Windows Reseller Platform in South Africa.

Reseller hosting solutions are powered by Helm 4 & Helm 3 Control Panels which include Windows 2008 & Windows 2012 SSD Web Servers. E-Mail services are provided and hosted on the latest version of SmarterMail Enterprise Servers. Other complimentary services include SmarterStats Website analytic and reporting software including AWSTATS.

Reseller web hosting allows you, the reseller to create your own web hosting packages and resources within the constraints of the Reseller hosting package which you have purchased.
You create and define your own hosting plans and assign resources to these plans according to your needs, or those of your clients and sell these directly to your clients. We do not interact with your clients nor do we expose who you utilise as your hosting provider.

All of our reseller web hosting services have been carefully designed to provide you with maximum transparency to your clients and ensure that you own your hosting presence at all times. We understand the sensitivity involved when using a reseller hosting provider and because of this we have carefully created the ZADNS brand, a whitelabel reseller hosting platform.

Resellers are afforded further transparency options by purchasing custom name servers, which allow them to register their clients domains using their own name servers rather than our ZADNS name servers.

Do you offer trial accounts?

Unfortunately at this stage we do not offer any free trial accounts. We do how ever offer affordable entry level reseller hosting packages which can be used to test our services and our support response times. During this time you may cancel your services at any time by requesting a cancellation 10 days prior to the service renewal date.

Do you support custom name servers and what are the costs?

Yes we do support custom name servers :)
There is a once off charge per name server pair ( &, view our pricing here. Custom name servers typically take around 24 - 48 hours to have setup. Please Contact Support to order your custom name servers.

We do advise our resellers to order their custom name servers before creating domains within the control panel, as domains which are added before custom name servers are setup will use our name servers and these cannot be changed without deleting these domains and recreating them within your control panel.

Are there any other costs that I should be made aware of?

Good news, and the answer is no, there aren't any hidden fees or per domain usage charges. The price you see on our website is the price you pay for the services advertised.

Do your servers support WHMCS?

Yes they do, and in fact we have many resellers who use WHMCS to manage their reseller hosting accounts with us

Can I Upgrade my reseller hosting package, and how do I upgrade?

Yes you can upgrade your reseller hosting package at any time, and it involves absolutely no downtime. Reseller web hosting upgrades are performed via the client service area, and once ordered the changes are immediate.

How soon after ordering will my services be activated

Your services will be activated within a few minutes of sending your proof of payment. All service activations are automated to ensure maximum turn around time on new and existing orders.

Windows 2008 Reseller Web Hosting

Windows 2008 Reseller Web Hosting Powered by Helm 4 Control Panel. Helm 4 provides a comprehensive and powerful web driven control panel which facilitates the day to day management of Windows 2008 Related Web Hosting functions

Coldfusion 7 & Coldfusion 8 Reseller Web Hosting

ColdFusion 8 Reseller Web Hosting and Coldfusion 7 Reseller Web Hosting provides resellers a selection of Coldfusion Reseller hosting solutions tailored to their clients requirements. Powered by Helm 3 control panel, the industries #1 choice in Web Based Hosting Control Panels.

Windows 2012 SSD Reseller Web Hosting

Windows 2012 SSD Reseller Web Hosting Powered by Helm 3 Control Panel. Helm 3 provides a robust and comprehensive web driven control panel which facilitates the day to day management of Windows 2012 SSD related Web Hosting functions

Reseller Domain Registrations

Enjoy discounted prices with our hassle free reseller domain registration and renewal services. Server Admins provides reseller domain management for more than 20 TLD's, including CO.ZA, .COM, .NET domains and more.

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