At Server Admins we love hosting, but there is one thing that we love more than hosting, and that is Animals and the organizations who work towards the well being of the animals.

Server Admins is proud to associate itself with NPO's and individuals who dedicate their time towards animals, and in return we would like to show our gratitude by offering free web hosting, e-mail hosting, domain registration & domain management services.

We pride ourselves in providing state of the art valued web hosting services for our clients across South Africa and feel privileged to be able to offer the same services at no cost to those working for the greater well being of the animals that share our planet.

By providing Non Profit Organizations with free web hosting, free e-mail hosting, free domain registration and free domain management services we believe that we're assisting and contributing towards the success of those organizations in achieving their primary goals, allowing them to focus on what they do best whilst we do what we do best.

If your organization is non profit and focuses on the well being of animals, please contact us for information on our offer for free web hosting, e-mail hosting, and domain registration / management services.

If you know of any organization that may benefit from this offer, we ask that you refer them to our website or contact us so that we may extend this offer to them.

Qualifying Prerequisites.

Your organization must be a registered Non profit organization catering specifically for animals.
Proof of existence of your organization by means of sending us photographs of your establishment.
Motivational letter which outlines your services and how this offer may benefit your organization.
Written agreement to include a link back containing the words "web hosting provided by server-admins.NET" on every page of your website, and the words "web hosting provided by server-admins.NET" on all printed and digital media / advertising for the entire duration in which the services of server-admins.NET are utilized.
Including but not limited to :
All e-mail signatures.
All printed media including advertisements & media releases.
All web pages contained within your website.
All electronic and printed presentations and adverts
Free domain registration services & free domain management services includes the following domain extensions :
.ORG Domain names.
.COM Domain names.
.NET Domain names.
.CO.ZA Domain names.
.ZA.ORG Domain names.
.ORG.ZA Domain names.
Written agreement to above conditions, signed on your company letter head and sent through to us via fax on +27 (11)252 9955

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